Metro Social Feedback & Support

Welcome to feedback & support for Metro Social! If you're having an issue with Metro Social, please submit a ticket with relevant details, and we'll assist in any way we can. If you have a suggestion or feature request, we'd love to hear it as well!

Update 5 is out (5/3) within the next day or so!

This update brings features such as an in app web browser for viewing links and video, as well as properly stretched images in the news feed/wall pages. There is also now support for viewing  'with tags' on posts, as well as some other small improvements.

Update 3 is out! - it should bring additional countries added, better error handling, and hopefully a fix for some people experiencing crashing. (If you are experiencing crashing, please let us know, and thank you to those who have talked to us!)

Update 2 Released - added semantic zoom for many pages, a styling change for friend tiles, and a few bug fixes, as well as additional countries added.

If you are experiencing crashing at any point in the app *please* turn on Error Reporting (in the charms menu) - it will be very helpful in helping to debug any issues! Also please do reach out to us and we can help figure out what the problem is. Thank you again!

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